We Found A Refreshing Way to Do Business at our Store

Becky & Chris stand in their antique fire engine welcoming customers


Meet Becky and Chris Glaze

Proprietors and Owners

Becky and Chris stand up for their customers shopping pleasureBecky and Chris Glaze are the owners and proprietors of the store. Becky has a passion for cooking and for retail. She left a corporate position as a loan officer of 15 years for a calling that puts her in front of her customers every day. She relishes the country setting and enjoys the connections she has with her customers. Her husband Chris formerly worked in agricultural management and research and now enjoys working as the operations’ handy man. He fills in with whatever role is needed.

charming county life“We would like to personally welcome you to visit the Cockrell Mercantile Company. 

Nestled between Lee’s Summit and Lone Jack, Missouri in a 115 year old general store, we like to think that the Cockrell village is a unique and charming shopping experience that you won’t want to miss.  We offer an outstanding selection of quality products at reasonable prices. Bring a friend or two or more, and spend the day with us! “

The Owners Feel Old Fashioned Customer Service Works Best

The original owner of Cockrell Mercantile served Kansas City customers for nearly 40 years. Along with a superior collection of high-end cookware and home decor, Cockrell Mercantile delivers customer service where the customer makes the difference.

The shops at Cockrell Mercantile are bursting with products to amuse, delight and entice the customer. Getting to Cockrell Mercantile is half the fun.

We look forward to seeing you.


12 miles south of the muddy Missouri River, the town of Cockrell was home to traders and frontiers men. Cockrell, now within the larger Lee’s Summit, Missouri city limits, was home to some 5 families during the early 1900s. Before automobiles carried residents into the big city of Kansas City for work, the people of Cockrell supported themselves off the land and with local trading at the General Store, which is the main building of Cockrell Mercantile. (see reprinted article detailing Cockrell history.)

The border wars from the Civil War color the area's theme. Neighboring Kansas was a free state and Missouri, the South’s most northern slave state, accentuated the bloody division in the country in the 1860s. Many battles were fought in the area: at Lone Jack, Lee’s Summit, and Loose Park. Forces from the North and South clashed here, sending brother against brother, friend against friend during the turbulent time deciding the fate of slavery and freedom for Southern and Northern sensibilities. These historic battlefields can be seen today. The Lone Jack battlefield as well as the Lee’s Summit history includes many Civil War strategic points.

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